Oreck Orbiter XL Pro Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor Cleaning Machine – Oreck XL Pro Commercial

Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning Machine Easy to use and control. Extremely versatile and effective for all flooring surfaces. Perfect for: Carpet, Hardwood, Ceramic, Concrete, Vinyl, Brick, Slate, Marble and more! Strips, waxes, buffs, sands and refinishes any hard surface floor. One Machine Can Do It All. No matter what the surface. The Oreck Orbiter® works as a carpet cleaner, loosening embedded soil in the carpet for … Continue reading Floor Cleaning Machine – Oreck XL Pro Commercial

professional portable carpet cleaning machines

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

Looking for a Professional Portable Hot Water Extractor? With multiple pump and vacuum options and water capacities ranging from 2½ gallons (9.5 litres) up to 17 gallons (65 litres). We have a carpet cleaning machine that will suit all your commercial carpet cleaning requirements. Models also available with 205°F Heat. 🔥 The NINJA portable hot water extractor is built for your peace of mind. No … Continue reading Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines

how to remove winter salt stains from carpets and floors

Winter Salt Stain Remover for Salty Carpets & Floors

How to Remove Winter Salts Stains from Carpets and Floors As carpet cleaners we are expected to effectively remove carpet salt stains that get tracked into residential homes, commercial buildings etc., If removal of these salty floor stains is not performed on a regular basis then it becomes more difficult to clean. Acid rinses such as Acetic Acid are just not that effective anymore due … Continue reading Winter Salt Stain Remover for Salty Carpets & Floors

carpet floor cleaning machine

How to clean Textured Tile flooring

The Rotowash is the world’s most amazing floor cleaner machine. It scrubs, washes, dries and even polishes. One machine cleans all floor types from hard surface floors to carpets. Even cleaning escalators & travelators can be easily done. Simply Amazing! The Rotowash automatic carpet and floor scrubbing machine effectively cleans multiple floor types including profiled, anti-slip, carpet, vinyl, slate, resin, concrete, studded rubber, flotex, ceramic … Continue reading How to clean Textured Tile flooring

floor scrubbing machine rotowash

Carpet Floor Cleaning Machine

The Rotowash carpet floor cleaning machine cleans all types of carpet, floors and grout with ease! A Rotowash Professional Carpet & Floor Cleaning Machine produces a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard surface floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on in minutes. Rotowash hard surface floor cleaner machines are designed and manufactured in state-of -the-art facilities … Continue reading Carpet Floor Cleaning Machine

How to Remove Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors

Formula KK – Salt Reducer – Effectively Reduces Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors Don’t let salt dull your beautiful carpets and floors. Winter Salt Stains Remover. Formula KK is an original formula that restores beauty to floors and carpets by removing the white film left by snow and ice melting. Demineralizes salt deposits. Reduces slip hazards. Floor finishes and carpeting last longer. Directions: … Continue reading How to Remove Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors

Shaw Floors Introduces LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet

Breaking News: Times are Changing for the Better! Shaw Floors might just be the company that will bring back the mass flooring installation market to carpets again. Carpeting up until now has not necessarily served the industry and homes very well when it comes to serious spills, stains and odors from pets etc. Shaw has recently invented the new LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet with waterproof backing, … Continue reading Shaw Floors Introduces LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet