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Question: I use a Rotovac and i love it. i would never use anything else since it does ten times a better job than a wand and is 1/4 of the work. but………it does leave the carpet a lot wetter! does any Rotovac users have any suggestions or recommendations for this? i have talked with Rotovac a few times on this and tried a few different things but has not made much of a difference, it seems to loose major suction once the vacuum hose gets attached!

Possible Solution: Some users of the Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaning Head complain of over-wetting carpets. Keep in mind that the Rotovac needs regular maintenance to keep it running at it’s best. Also, a dry pass or two may be necessary.

forum_rotovac_maintenance_instructions_2 Rotvac 360i

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Saves You TimeThe NINJA carpet cleaning machine is designed to save you time where it counts, on the job site. Everything about this unique machine is well thought out with your convenience in mind. Less time to transport, set up, service, fill, drain, and clean! And we all know that the more time spent cleaning means more income and more profit. A great automotive car detailing extraction machine when used with one of our many different upholstery hand tools.

Saves You HeadachesThe NINJA portable carpet extractor is built for your peace of mind. No more worries about whether or not your equipment will work. No more headaches trying to arrange a schedule around perpetual down-time. The NINJA is easy to load and unload, and move up and down stairs without stress. They are easy on your back and light on their wheels. Now, like thousands of professional cleaners, you can rely on the NINJA to perform all day, every day. Built to last – that’s the NINJA!

Saves You HasslesThe NINJA automotive detailing extractor is the most easily transportable extractor that you can own. Light enough to load and unload, move upstairs and down, without stress. Compact enough to get into a closet. Tough enough to survive in hatchbacks, back seats, crowded vans, or just about anything else you use to get to work. The NINJA is easy on your back, light on its feet, and built for speed.

Saves You MoneyAnd best of all, your new NINJA rug cleaning machine is designed to keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Esteam builds the NINJA right here in Canada keeping costs down. We don’t scrimp on parts either. We use the best components available for professional needs. As a result, a lower price does not mean less machine, at least not with a NINJA. Be sure to check out the E-600 Automotive Detailing Extractor Machine equipped with a fold-down handle making it fit easily into almost any vehicle.

Saves You MoreSo start today with a “can-do” attitude knowing that you can count on your Esteam NINJA to perform for years to come. You are not just buying a machine, you are investing in your future. With a NINJA, your future looks bright (and clean, too!).

Carpet Cleaning Machines - Auto Detailing Extractors

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End users appreciate the ability to strip floors without chemicals

Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines – Strip Floors Using NO Harsh Chemicals.

When discussing the merits of orbital floor cleaning machines, jan/san distributors don’t oscillate: These units – also referred to as oscillating floor machines – have revolutionized floor care by cutting labor costs and chemical usage, as well as drastically improving cleaning outcomes. Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines are a prime example of a money saving, cost effective way of stripping floors using no harsh chemicals.

“Orbital technology is a game changing technology in terms of labor efficiencies,” says Tom Tipton, owner of 4 State Maintenance in Coffeyville, Kansas.

In today’s world, we don’t get into the strip cycle as often as we did 10 to 15 years ago, so this machine plays and instrumental role in being a restorative tool for our industry,” Tipton adds.

In many cases, Tipton sees the orbital floor machine replacing conventional machines, such as swing buffers.

“By design the orbital machines we sell are square, and most of our rooms are square, so edge work and detail work become much easier,” he says. “Labor is reduced, and that’s what creates the benefit and popularity of the machine.”

Good Vibrations
In addition to design efficiencies that decrease the need for manual detail work, orbital floor cleaning machines operate at high speeds, oscillating the pad drive in tiny, quarter-inch circles between 2,250 and 3,500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Conventional machines, on the other hand, rotate at significantly slower speeds between 175 and 300 RPM. Furthermore, orbital scrubbers are heavier, and this additional weight contributes to the machine’s efficiency, says Tipton.
The mechanical action of the machine also ensures that floors are cleaned more thoroughly.

“Instead of turning in a circle in one direction like a rotary machine, the orbital machine cleans in all directions,” says Keith Schneringer, marketing manager for Waxie Sanitary Supply in San Diego, California. “It cleans forward, backward, and side-to-side all at the same time. It provides a more concentrated cleaning, which also helps you to clean areas faster.”

The mechanics also make the orbital scrubber easier to maneuver, says Schneringer, which in turn increases speed, as well as worker safety.

“It’s potentially easier to operate than a rotary floor machine,” says Schneringer, “Typically the first time you operate a rotary floor machine, it can kick off to the side, and people can’t control them. With the orbital machine, the operator can become more proficient at using it faster than a rotary floor machine. It’s also potentially safer because it’s stable, and it’s not pulling the operator in different directions.”

Dealing With Dust

Square Scrub Dust Containment Attachment

Orbital floor machines reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals used in the stripping process.
“Orbital floor machines in increase the effectiveness of mechanical cleaning, so that compensates for the removal of the chemical reaction.” says Schneringer. “In other words, with previous technologies you had a certain mechanical action that was augmented by using chemicals. Because the orbital machine increases the mechanical action you can now decrease the chemistry required to do the same cleaning function.”

Stripping a floor without chemicals saves end uses the added expense of purchasing stripping solution and supports green initiatives.
There’s also a safety component because you don’t have to work around the chemical, and you don’t have to dispose of the stripper solution,” says Schneringer.
Instead of chemicals, custodians use water and achieve the same results.

“Water is actually a natural surfactant, but in the case of removing finish, the water provides a place for the finish to go to,” says Schneringer. “So once you remove it from the floor you suspend it in the water.”

However, other distributors say using water isn’t always necessary. Dan Houle, president of Regent Supply in Edmonton, Canada recommends using a vacuum attachment for the orbital machine and a maroon surface prep pad.

“When you hook a backpack vacuum to the machine it sucks up any dust it’s making and takes off the finish,” he says. “You probably have to go over it two or three times, depending on the amount of finish on the floor. You can use water, but it makes more of a mess.”

In addition, when stripping wood floors, such as those found in gyms, orbital floor cleaning machines are best used without chemicals or water. One of the models Tipton sells has been outfitted with a ride-along vacuum assembly for dust-free operation.

“It’s a great advantage because if you’re going chemical-free or dry sometimes you get into some pretty labor-intensive efforts in dust-recovery.” he says. “It can become more costly than the job itself.”

Reaching The Finish

Square Scrub Ideal for Gymnasiums and Wide Open Spaces

As more and more users learn the benefits of stripping floors without chemicals, distributors are seeing an increase in sales of orbital floor machines. Houle sells a lot of orbital machines to customers who need to deep scrub floors with a surface prep pad – and most of them use the machine without chemicals or water, he says.

Tipton notes that within the first six months of stocking orbital floor machines, he sold more than 200 units.
“My whole customer base bought into the value of the machine and made multiple unit purchases,” says Tipton. “It really is a game-changing, restorative piece of equipment.”

Although jan/san distributors agree that orbital floor cleaning machines do an excellent job of stripping floors without chemicals, they also point out that chemicals are in fact necessary to strip a floor completely.

“Without chemicals you can scrub off several coats of finish, but you won’t get deep into the floor.” Says Tipton. “You can take three to five coats off the floor by physically abrading them off, but there’s always going to be one to three coats in the tile that you have to remove chemically.”

As such, orbital machines can be used without chemicals to remove damaged finish on an interim basis between regular stripping cycles.

Multi-Purpose Pledge
Given their versatility, orbital floor machines are a simple sell, say distributors. Not only are they easy to use, but the can successfully clean a variety of hard flooring as well as carpeting – a bonus for contractors saddled with cleaning and maintaining a wide range of hard and soft flooring surfaces in a variety ofmarkets.

“The machine identifies itself as a multi-floor tool,” says Tipton. “So it can do everything from cleaning and restoring structure tiles and abrading and top-scrubbing VCT tiles to screening hardwood floors.”

Square Scrub Cleaning Bathroom Tile & Grout

Schneringer also sees the machine being used for stone polishing and to clean grout lines in restrooms.

It’s a very versatile piece of equipment that could be used in any market.” he says. “Schools, hospitality, healthcare, office buildings … any place that needs a good cleaning result quickly and safely.”

End users are frequently sold on the machine’s versatility, but for those who are still on the fence distributors prefer to let the machine do the talking.

“The best way to sell the machines is to demonstrate them,” says Schneringer. “we recently brought in one of our orbital cleaning machines. We cleaned an area of their restroom with a focus on tile and grout. It was one of those demos where our contact got people from admin to come and see how clean we were able to get the bathroom. They see how easy it is to get results in a short amount of time, and seeing is believing.”

Kassandra Kania is a freelancer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a frequent contributor to Sanitary Maintenance.


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Stop, Look and Listen.
How to identify and minimize rug cleaning disasters.

Fake SilkRayon is manufactured, regenerated cellulose fiber (cotton and wood pulp by-products).

It is made shiny with the use of a viscose liquid chemical processing, and is technically referred to as “viscose rayon” but, in rugs, it usually is referred to only by the first name because it sounds fancier than “fake silk.”

A proper analogy is that viscose rayon is the “sausage” of the fiber world, simply because it is a lot of by-products spun and processed together into staple fiber strands, and you truly do not know what exactly is in it.

What we do know is that this inferior fiber presents several problems for cleaners, all of which they need to be aware of. Here are four common challenges to cleaning viscose rugs, and some tips to minimize rug cleaning disasters.

Viscose rayon fibers are weak, and the spinning of staple fibers into strands to weave with means that you have a lot of breakage. Regular foot traffic, and vacuuming, will pull loose strands that often look like a cat has used the rug as a scratching post.

Avoid scrubbing the rug during the cleaning process. This can keep the problem from getting worse. Soft window washing broom brushes or soft hand brushes are preferable to rotary scrubbing or other rotary extraction tools.

Since these strands are already loose, you can charge by the hour to shave or clip the worst areas. This is an additional repair charge. Make sure you point the problem out before the wash rather than after, or you will be doing a free repair.

Rayon does not readily hold dye. It fades and bleeds. Cleaners need to do a dye test to see if it is possible to safely clean the rug without ruining it.

If the dyes are not colorfast, good results can often be attained using an upholstery tool to surface clean the rug, twice if necessary. Ideally, the cleaner can use a tool that has a smooth Teflon head so that marks are not created with the tool strokes.

It is always wise to clean one test area first if taking this route so that you can see the results before attempting to surface clean the entire rug. It is important to have your cleaning and extraction strokes going with the direction of the pile so that distortion is not created.

Cellulose fibers yellow when wet, so it is expected that viscose likes to yellow when cleaned. Spills often become yellow areas, and fibers tend to yellow after cleaning.

Using an acetic acid or citric acid rinse can assist in lessening the yellowing in the rug during the dry time. Speed drying the rug, or drying it face down, can lessen this yellowing effect on the top side of the rug. The back side, however, will become more yellow over time.

Artificial silk rugs of all kinds can become stiff and matted after the cleaning. This makes the fibers look blotchy and makes the top pile feel like cardboard to the touch.

Sometimes a misting of a very small amount of fabric softener (diluted and mixed thoroughly in a sprayer) over the damp fibers prior to the final drying phase can soften the fibers.

Hand grooming the rug after it is 100 percent dry can also soften the fibers. This is done slowly, by hand, with a spotting brush or similar short bristle brush. Section by section, the cleaner slowly brushes an area against the grain to help loosen the stiffness, and then slowly brushes the same area with the grain to lay it back in place.

Some instructors have recommended using velvet carding brushes for this grooming, but they are often much too aggressive for viscose fibers. Try softer bristle options. It is important that the brush strokes be slow so that you do not break off fibers and cause damage.

Cutting corners
Because the essence of this rug is trying to find a “cheap” way to create the look of silk, there is a cost to cutting the corners of quality.

Viscose rugs are one of the few rugs that look worse with time, and with cleaning. Their best look will be on the day it was purchased.

You cannot assume the rug was purchased at a low price because the owner may have been unscrupulously sold it as the “real deal” — silk.

Regardless of whether it is real silk, or viscose rayon fake silk, your training in fiber testing, dye testing and pre-inspection skills should help you to know when to take on the job and when to run from it.

Lisa Wagner is a second-generation rug care expert, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist and an owner of K. Blatchford’s San Diego Rug Cleaning Company. Her blog at is the most visited and referenced website on rug education in the cleaning industry. If you would like more information about her Textile Pro training program on rugs and fine fabric care with Jim Pemberton, send an e-mail to their team at


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The Difference: It’s not what it does, but ‘HOW’ it does it.

Lower Operating Costs

All Rotowash Carpet and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Machines use up to 90% less* water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods, which means large areas can be cleaned between filling and emptying. Minimal water consumption also means smaller overall machine size, less weight to move and ease of use. A Rotowash is as quick and easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, but with the results of a professional commercial cleaning machine.

Rotowash machines produce a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on within minutes.

Rotowash Carpet and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Machine

Due to the Rotowash’s unique orginal design twin cylindrical contra-rotating brush system, the contra rotation of our brushes actually combs, lifts and opens your flattened carpet pile in both directions at the same time. ( like running your fingers through your hair from back to front at the same time). This unique key action releases the trapped soiling from deep within the pile; which is left behind by other types of floor cleaners that fail to remove the deep dirt which so often results in the bad odours you experience after you have just had your carpet cleaned. Regular maintenance with a Rotowash will restore your floor covering and remove the trapped dirt and thus release the source of these odours.

“After using many different types of floor cleaning equipment over 10 years; Rotowash….Hands Down…. is the most effective multi-surface cleaner I’ve ever used, easy to operate, low operating cost, just a smart, simple system that works every time….” Dinesh Rahman

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The Perfect Add-On or Start-Up Business

“The Ramair system is simply amazing and will revolutionize the on-location HVAC cleaning opportunities for the cleaning and restoration contractor industry.”

The RamAir Duct Cleaning System is the first and only duct cleaning system that allows the homeowner and technician to see the dust and debris as it is being removed. Our clients quickly see an increase in profits by using the most efficient, easy-to-use duct-cleaning system on the market. The RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System provides individuals and organizations the ability to save time and make more money with a single integrated solution.

A quick internet search of “RamAir duct cleaning” will flood the monitor with literally hundreds of websites featuring successful companies proudly displaying the RamAir logo, pictures & videos showcasing the effectiveness of their duct cleaning, and text boasting that they “proudly use the RamAir system.” You will be hard-pressed to find a website from a cleaning company even mentioning any other duct cleaning product.

Since its beginning, RamAir has continued to design and manufacture the most effective and user-friendly duct cleaning system in the world, and retains “Best customer satisfaction over all other duct cleaning systems combined.”

Ramair – The most efficient, cost-effective duct cleaning solution.

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Tackle Malodors, Spots and Pet Stains like a Professional!

Kleen Kuip HomeCare Deodorants can be used for several applications in the home to control malodors from all kinds of sources and removes pet stains and neutralizes the source of pet odors.

Kleen Kuip HomeCare Carpet Spotting and Deodorizing Products

Have your Company Name and Phone Number printed on every label FOR FREE when you purchase a minumum of 4 cases. Your information will be on a product that your customers will love and use frequently.

Kleen Kuip HomeCare Spotter is a multi-purpose spotting agent safe for use in the home. It can be used to remove spots and stains from wet cleanable carpet giving you instant, professional results.

– Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
– Scents Available in: Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Pet Stain & Odor and Spring Breeze, Spotter
– Available in: 12 x 500 ml case


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