Introduction to Wood Floor Maintenance Technician Course (WFMT)

Now is the time to boost your skill set and add a profitable income source to your business. $$$
Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

This course was developed for individuals engaging in floor maintenance. If you are currently a carpet cleaner technician, in the janitorial service industry and want to expand your knowledge and services to include wood floor maintenance, this course is beneficial for you. The WFMT course teaches basic understanding of wood science, wood floor finish types, and proper care and maintenance.


Emphasis is placed on teaching participants an overview of wood floor care that Include initial, routine, periodic and restorative processes.

Completion of this course will provide you the academic and hands on training to obtain WFMT certification. This certification will set you apart from competitors within the industry. There are currently wood flooring CCU courses available however; they do not hold the IICRC certification such as this course does.

– $650.00 for members
– $800 for non-members
IICRC Certification Course Training grants may be available from the Canadian-Ontario Job Grant or WFCA contact Sharon for information.

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For registration please visit or email Sharon Fenton Tel (905) 822-2280


Jim Darling Award Night

“The Canadian Flooring Cleaning & Restoration Association Proudly Present The Jim Darling Award Night”

Please join us to celebrate Ted Harding’s life time achievement!

Jim Darling Award Night

Ted, also known as the Carpetologist, is the go-to man in Toronto to solve issues with carpet for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and cleaners. Ted is also known as the magic man due to his fondness of illusion and trickery.The CFCRA presents this award as a life time achievement award to those who have made a difference in the carpet industry.

Come join us for a night of spell binding fun.

Sharon Fenton

Jim Darling Award Night
Join us to Celebrate Ted Harding- Lifetime Achievement

November 28, 2016

Chateau Le Jardin
Address 8440 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A5

What Time?
Time 6:00 pm

Cost $99 plus tax includes 3 course meal and two drinks.
RSVP to or call Sharon 905-822-2280

About Us
The CANADIAN FLOORING CLEANING & RESTORATION ASSOCIATION (CFCRA) events provide our members with industry specific learning and professional development. We also provide a number of networking and social events, as well as information on industry events and conferences that will keep you informed about developing trends, best practices, that will foster a standard of excellence.

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Coffee Stains? No Problem! Coffee and other stains fade away right before your eyes! NO MUSS, NO FUSS.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Spray Walk & Gone Spot Remover
Works especially well on Coffee, Wine, Tea, Juices, Pet Stains.

How to Remove Coffee Stain Remover

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How to Clean Baseboards the Easy Way!

Here is the unique tool that puts money in your pocket. The Centaur Floor Cleaning Machine is easy to use, saves a lot of time and back pain. It is the biggest money saving accessory we have made for the last 15 years. The amount of baseboard that one person can clean by hand in 60 minutes, can be cleaned in 5 minutes by Rabbit-3. Comparing the primitive hand cleaning to the Rabbit-3 cleaning is like the wheelbarrow to a Mack truck. Both will do the job but at what cost?

There you have it in a nutshell. It looks like magic but it’s only good common sense.

The new one-of-a-kind Scrub Jay can clean half-round “cove” baseboard as easy as the regular square baseboards which can be vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo or natural stone. While stripping floors, the more pressure applied to the floor the faster the job will get done. So, to save money and work less all you need to do is add Smart Weights to your machine. Flood the floor with stripping solution and you can finish the job 20% less time by using one Smart Weight or 50% less time by using two Smart Weights.

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Used Carpet Cleaning Machines and Equipment for Sale – Carpet Cleaner Parts & Repair Services Toronto

Looking for Used Carpet Cleaning Machines and Equipment? We have a wide assortment of used portable carpet cleaning machines, upholstery cleaning machines, floor machines, flood and water damage equipment, tile and grout cleaning machines, auto floor scrubbers, air scrubbers, ozone machines, vacuum cleaners, hot steamers, HEPA air scrubbers, commercial, residential, contract cleaning etc.,



We also have a carpet cleaning machine repair, parts and service department. Water pumps, carpet cleaning wands, steam cleaning machines, hot water extractors, truckmounted carpet cleaners, blowers, vacuum motors, carpet extractor parts, bearings, fittings, autoscrubbers, air movers, dehumidifier repair, vales and repair kits, floor machines, buffers, shampooers, replacement parts, etc,.

Ask us about our Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machines. and Auto Interior Detailing Machines.

Call 416-429-0401 or visit today!

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9 Tips for Handling Business Stress

Nine Helpful Tips for Your Business
With so many details to keep track running a business its no surprise many feel frustrated, and even angry and depressed at the end of the day. I might add that I have witnessed certain negative attitudes from many Operators over recent years and only wanted to pass along some thoughts here. Though things may seem overwhelming at times, you can help yourself and your business with these 9 handy tips.

1. Sweat the Details
A little attention goes a long way. Staying focused on details is essential for planning of success.

2. Quit being the horse pulling the cart
You hired your team to help provide quality service and results and, in turn, earn money for the business and their salaries. It’s essential that team members understand their roles and do their part in achieving these goals.

3. Bring a great attitude to work
Your team members watch your every move and observe your every emotion and then adjust themselves accordingly. They become a reflection of you. If you are less enthusiastic when you come to work, how could you expect them to be enthusiastic with a great attitude? To be a true leader, you must act like one.

4. Take good care of yourself
Those who do not take care of their health, exercise, get sleep, surround themselves with good people, have good relationships, can not preform at peak levels. Our metal good being must be a peak levels each and every day to help direct and instruct out team. In fact, emphasis this with all if everyone desires the ability and opportunity to achieve success.

5. Simplify what you do
Having the right kind of equipment is important if one wants to compete and succeed. However, you don’t have to be the first kid on the block to keep purchasing, purchasing, and purchasing everything out there. Be reasonable. Slow down and think clearly. Focus on providing the absolute best customer service you can provide and then purchasing the —-right—–equipment will then follow!

6. Celebrate even small successes
Because times are tough, many businesses focus too much on performance, very little on solid growth, and even less on celebration. Try to achieve a balance of all three. Everyone on your team feels the pressure to perform, not just you, so give out thanks and accolades often and sprinkle in some rewards when appropriate. A couple dollars can go a long way! These kinds of incentives will keep the team members’ moving forward and loyal.

7. Look in the mirror
The world does not revolve around you and your business. Take a moment to walk in your customers shoes. Focus more on their needs and wishes. Spend more time asking questions,…..AND,…listening! Never forget: If you don’t ask good questions, they’ll find someone else. Quit talking about yourself all the time and concentrate on them!

8. Sweat the details
Hold it–did I already say that?! Of course! Why? Because I have seen way too many details overlooked, way too many compromised decisions, and way too little accountability among some team members; sparse loyalties’ and directions.
Make your standards impeccable and require the same from your team because a little attention to detail goes a long way in creating long term success. And,….you’ll sleep better at nights too!

9. Always look professional
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Now, I understand that most all of us know that what I wrote above is really nothing new. However, I do hope this content review helps as a reminder to keep us all directed in, “the right” direction.

Best to all;
Ed Valentine
cross-American corp.

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Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machines – Automotive Interior Detailing Extractors

Commercial, Residential, Janitorial Portable Carpet Extractors, Tile & Grout and Automotive Detailing Machines

Saves You TimeThe NINJA carpet cleaning machine is designed to save you time where it counts, on the job site. Everything about this unique machine is well thought out with your convenience in mind. Less time to transport, set up, service, fill, drain, and clean! And we all know that the more time spent cleaning means more income and more profit. A great automotive car detailing extraction machine when used with one of our many different upholstery hand tools.

Saves You HeadachesThe NINJA portable carpet extractor is built for your peace of mind. No more worries about whether or not your equipment will work. No more headaches trying to arrange a schedule around perpetual down-time. The NINJA is easy to load and unload, and move up and down stairs without stress. They are easy on your back and light on their wheels. Now, like thousands of professional cleaners, you can rely on the NINJA to perform all day, every day. Built to last – that’s the NINJA!

Saves You HasslesThe NINJA automotive detailing extractor is the most easily transportable extractor that you can own. Light enough to load and unload, move upstairs and down, without stress. Compact enough to get into a closet. Tough enough to survive in hatchbacks, back seats, crowded vans, or just about anything else you use to get to work. The NINJA is easy on your back, light on its feet, and built for speed.

Saves You MoneyAnd best of all, your new NINJA rug cleaning machine is designed to keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Esteam builds the NINJA right here in Canada keeping costs down. We don’t scrimp on parts either. We use the best components available for professional needs. As a result, a lower price does not mean less machine, at least not with a NINJA. Be sure to check out the E-600 Automotive Interior Detailing Extractor Machine equipped with a fold-down handle making it fit easily into almost any vehicle.

Saves You MoreSo start today with a “can-do” attitude knowing that you can count on your Esteam NINJA to perform for years to come. You are not just buying a machine, you are investing in your future. With a NINJA, your future looks bright (and clean, too!).Carpet Cleaning Machines - Auto Interior Detailing Extractors

Commercial Residential Janitorial Portable Carpet Extractors Tile & Grout and Automotive Detailing Machines

Looking for Used Ninja Carpet Cleaning Machines?

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