9 Tips for Handling Business Stress

Nine Helpful Tips for Your Business
With so many details to keep track running a business its no surprise many feel frustrated, and even angry and depressed at the end of the day. I might add that I have witnessed certain negative attitudes from many Operators over recent years and only wanted to pass along some thoughts here. Though things may seem overwhelming at times, you can help yourself and your business with these 9 handy tips.

1. Sweat the Details
A little attention goes a long way. Staying focused on details is essential for planning of success.

2. Quit being the horse pulling the cart
You hired your team to help provide quality service and results and, in turn, earn money for the business and their salaries. It’s essential that team members understand their roles and do their part in achieving these goals.

3. Bring a great attitude to work
Your team members watch your every move and observe your every emotion and then adjust themselves accordingly. They become a reflection of you. If you are less enthusiastic when you come to work, how could you expect them to be enthusiastic with a great attitude? To be a true leader, you must act like one.

4. Take good care of yourself
Those who do not take care of their health, exercise, get sleep, surround themselves with good people, have good relationships, can not preform at peak levels. Our metal good being must be a peak levels each and every day to help direct and instruct out team. In fact, emphasis this with all if everyone desires the ability and opportunity to achieve success.

5. Simplify what you do
Having the right kind of equipment is important if one wants to compete and succeed. However, you don’t have to be the first kid on the block to keep purchasing, purchasing, and purchasing everything out there. Be reasonable. Slow down and think clearly. Focus on providing the absolute best customer service you can provide and then purchasing the —-right—–equipment will then follow!

6. Celebrate even small successes
Because times are tough, many businesses focus too much on performance, very little on solid growth, and even less on celebration. Try to achieve a balance of all three. Everyone on your team feels the pressure to perform, not just you, so give out thanks and accolades often and sprinkle in some rewards when appropriate. A couple dollars can go a long way! These kinds of incentives will keep the team members’ moving forward and loyal.

7. Look in the mirror
The world does not revolve around you and your business. Take a moment to walk in your customers shoes. Focus more on their needs and wishes. Spend more time asking questions,…..AND,…listening! Never forget: If you don’t ask good questions, they’ll find someone else. Quit talking about yourself all the time and concentrate on them!

8. Sweat the details
Hold it–did I already say that?! Of course! Why? Because I have seen way too many details overlooked, way too many compromised decisions, and way too little accountability among some team members; sparse loyalties’ and directions.
Make your standards impeccable and require the same from your team because a little attention to detail goes a long way in creating long term success. And,….you’ll sleep better at nights too!

9. Always look professional
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Now, I understand that most all of us know that what I wrote above is really nothing new. However, I do hope this content review helps as a reminder to keep us all directed in, “the right” direction.

Best to all;
Ed Valentine
cross-American corp.

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc.
New and Used Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Auto Detailing Extractors & Water Damage Restoration Supplies, Training, Parts & Repair Services


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