Introduction to Wood Floor Maintenance Technician Course (WFMT)

Now is the time to boost your skill set and add a profitable income source to your business. $$$
Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

This course was developed for individuals engaging in floor maintenance. If you are currently a carpet cleaner technician, in the janitorial service industry and want to expand your knowledge and services to include wood floor maintenance, this course is beneficial for you. The WFMT course teaches basic understanding of wood science, wood floor finish types, and proper care and maintenance.


Emphasis is placed on teaching participants an overview of wood floor care that Include initial, routine, periodic and restorative processes.

Completion of this course will provide you the academic and hands on training to obtain WFMT certification. This certification will set you apart from competitors within the industry. There are currently wood flooring CCU courses available however; they do not hold the IICRC certification such as this course does.

– $650.00 for members
– $800 for non-members
IICRC Certification Course Training grants may be available from the Canadian-Ontario Job Grant or WFCA contact Sharon for information.

moreInfo Click or tap here for more information.

For registration please visit or email Sharon Fenton Tel (905) 822-2280

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