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Saves You TimeThe NINJA carpet cleaning machine is designed to save you time where it counts, on the job site. Everything about this unique machine is well thought out with your convenience in mind. Less time to transport, set up, service, fill, drain, and clean! And we all know that the more time spent cleaning means more income and more profit. A great automotive car detailing extraction machine when used with one of our many different upholstery hand tools.

Saves You HeadachesThe NINJA portable carpet extractor is built for your peace of mind. No more worries about whether or not your equipment will work. No more headaches trying to arrange a schedule around perpetual down-time. The NINJA is easy to load and unload, and move up and down stairs without stress. They are easy on your back and light on their wheels. Now, like thousands of professional cleaners, you can rely on the NINJA to perform all day, every day. Built to last – that’s the NINJA!

Saves You HasslesThe NINJA automotive detailing extractor is the most easily transportable extractor that you can own. Light enough to load and unload, move upstairs and down, without stress. Compact enough to get into a closet. Tough enough to survive in hatchbacks, back seats, crowded vans, or just about anything else you use to get to work. The NINJA is easy on your back, light on its feet, and built for speed.

Saves You MoneyAnd best of all, your new NINJA rug cleaning machine is designed to keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Esteam builds the NINJA right here in Canada keeping costs down. We don’t scrimp on parts either. We use the best components available for professional needs. As a result, a lower price does not mean less machine, at least not with a NINJA. Be sure to check out the E-600 Automotive Interior Detailing Extractor Machine equipped with a fold-down handle making it fit easily into almost any vehicle.

Saves You MoreSo start today with a “can-do” attitude knowing that you can count on your Esteam NINJA to perform for years to come. You are not just buying a machine, you are investing in your future. With a NINJA, your future looks bright (and clean, too!).Carpet Cleaning Machines - Auto Interior Detailing Extractors

Commercial Residential Janitorial Portable Carpet Extractors Tile & Grout and Automotive Detailing Machines

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Professional Tips & Tricks of the Carpet Cleaning Industry – Olefin Fiber

Olefin fiber is becoming very prevalent in today’s carpets and furniture.

If you don’t know or understand how to clean Olefin properly and professionally you are in for big headaches.

A SureFire Test for Olefin:

Snip a small fiber and place it into a glass of water. If it floats it is Olefin. If it sinks it is other than Olefin fiber. If it goes up and down like a yo-yo it is a blend of Olefin and other fibers.

Cleaning Olefin Carpet

HELP! Cleaning Olefin Carpet

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Professional Tips & Tricks of the Carpet Cleaning Industry – Capture Dry Cleaning Powder

Are you aware that Capture Carpet Dry Cleaning Powder works very well on reappearing spots and stains?

Simply sprinkle it on, brush it in and then have your customer dry vacuum the next day. If necessary, leave some of the product with the customer just in case it needs a second or third treatment. (Don’t forget to put the powder into a bottle that has your company logo and phone number on it so they know who to call the next time they require a cleaning).

Capture is also a great safe furniture cleaner when you are apprehensive about cleaning difficult (and expensive) fabrics.

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