Why Carpet Should be Cleaned Three-Dimensionally

As I travel the country speaking at seminars on facilities carpet care, I am struck by a fundamental misconception that facilities cleaning personnel have about carpet: It is perceived to be a one-dimensional floor covering. It’s not. As the illustration clearly shows, carpet is three-dimensional. It has a top, a middle and a bottom. It also is a complex textile: What you see is not … Continue reading Why Carpet Should be Cleaned Three-Dimensionally

Steam/Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Theory The term “steam cleaning” is derived from the original concept of the equipment first utilized in the steam extraction process. Solution pressures were created by large heat generators that relied upon pressure to deliver cleaning solutions to the cleaning tool. A crude vacuum system was used for recovering cleaning solutions. Equipments utilizing high pressure pumps, to deliver cleaning solutions to the cleaning tools and … Continue reading Steam/Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Methods

Restorative carpet cleaning methods include rotary shampoo and hot water extraction. These corrective cleaning methods are designed for handling heavy soiling conditions. They require higher operator training and skill levels as they have more potential for damage if improperly used. The Hydramaster RX-20 is a tool every cleaner should have. (machine pictured above in the middle) The amazing RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor has revolutionized the … Continue reading Restorative Carpet Cleaning Methods