Carpet Pile Lifters

Let’s go one step beyond vacuuming. A Carpet Pile Lifter is a piece of equipment that many carpet cleaners know nothing about. Years ago Pile Lifting was actually part & partial to the specs that were asked for in a carpet cleaning quote. If you could not provide a pile lifting service you did not get the job. The 1998 Building Service Contractors Association International … Continue reading Carpet Pile Lifters

Bonnet/Spin Pad Cleaning

Theory Bonnet cleaning is commonly referred to as a “dry” carpet cleaning system. Although not completely dry, bonnet cleaning is considered a low moisture carpet cleaning system. Bonnet cleaning is accomplished by spraying a detergent/solvent solution over the face of the carpet pile. This can be done with hand pump style sprayers, power sprayers, CO2 pressure tanks or specialized spray systems attached to the floor … Continue reading Bonnet/Spin Pad Cleaning