Carpet Pile Lifters

Let’s go one step beyond vacuuming.

A Carpet Pile Lifter is a piece of equipment that many carpet cleaners know nothing about. Years ago Pile Lifting was actually part & partial to the specs that were asked for in a carpet cleaning quote. If you could not provide a pile lifting service you did not get the job.

The 1998 Building Service Contractors Association International Carpet Guide says “The pile brush type vacuum will remove deeply embedded soil, and open up a nap more than a regular, lightweight vacuum. Usually, a pile brush machine will be used weekly on traffic lanes, monthly on all of the carpeted areas, and always just before any cleaning process. The pile brush vacuum is a dual-purpose machine because it is used both to maintain commercial carpet and to clean”

Shaw Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of carpet, says, “Using a pile lifter in traffic lanes just prior to cleaning will remove the deeply embedded soil and open up the pile so the hot water extraction can be more effective. After using a pile lifter, the final step…will be less difficult.”
Additionally, Shaw’s recommendation for in-house maintenance specifies “Use a pile lifter…in high traffic areas.” Shaw’s description of a pile brush might as well be Certified’s pile brush, it is “…an upright two motor vacuum with a large, adjustable, gentle bristle brush with a motor, a high suction vacuum motor, and a sand trap.”

These machines will dig potatoes out of carpets and yes, why make mud pies in your customers carpets? Many carpet cleaners today cut too many corners.

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Bonnet/Spin Pad Cleaning


Bonnet cleaning is commonly referred to as a “dry” carpet cleaning system. Although not completely dry, bonnet cleaning is considered a low moisture carpet cleaning system. Bonnet cleaning is accomplished by spraying a detergent/solvent solution over the face of the carpet pile. This can be done with hand pump style sprayers, power sprayers, CO2 pressure tanks or specialized spray systems attached to the floor machine. Immediately after spraying, the carpet is buffed with an absorbent pad attached to the machine. The carpet soil is absorbed into the pad. The pad is changed as it becomes soiled and thoroughly laundered prior to the next job. Best results are obtained when the pads are changed before becoming too wet.

Bonnet/Spin Pad Cleaning


  • The bonnet system is a relatively fast system enabling the operator to cover large areas quickly.
  • Bonnet cleaning is relatively fast drying.
  • Minimal operator skill required.
  • Excellent system for maintenance programs when used in conjunction with more thorough periodic soil extraction methods.


  • Bonnet cleaning is not noted for heavy soil removal.
  • No rinsing action.
  • Does not provide deep cleaning action.
  • Used absorbent pads require laundering between jobs.
  • High/low swirls figure 8 pattern if not pile set after procedure.
  • Caution must be used on cut pile carpet.

Many bonnet cleaning solutions that may clean effectively will leave soil attracting residues. Use a bonnet cleaner with a soil retardant to enhance bonnet cleaning effectiveness. Best results are achieved by using a dry bonnet, and regularly changing the bonnets when soiled.

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