New Cleaning Technology

Pad cleaning, Encap, Cimex cleaning is all impressive. But, what happens when your customer is bold enough to ask “Where does the dirt go?”

If you can explain the Encap low moisture side of cleaning and give him or her a logical explanation and they swallow it you are a better sales person than I. Most of my potential customers look at me as though I just gave them a line of bullsh*t.

The new technology from Nobles is called ReadySpace. This is an alternative cleaning unit to Pad-Bonnet, Cimex, showerfeed brush that offers you all of the above plus extraction. Results being more soil removal and a bucket of dirty water to show your customer. Now you have speed, quality, a one man operation and the answer to the question as to “Where does the dirt actually go?”

This unit is a true clean forward or backwards extraction system with a new twist.

A – One man cleans 3000 sq. ft. per hour.
B – Uses approximately 6 gallons of water to do it.
C – Carpet virtually dry in 20 minutes.

This is truly a one-man unit. The money you save from paying the hired help will buy two per year for you or leave more profit in your pocket.

Now, keep in mind that this unit is being sold as a maintenance machine and it is not for extremely soiled houses yet you can connect a wand and hose to it for more severe soil cleaning.

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