Has Kleen Kuip put an emphasis on “Green”?

Kleen Kuip has been in the “green” business for 30 years. We have always tried to make and sell products that are “friendlier” than the traditional, caustic type products. We are not new to the “green” movement. If anything were “Green, when Green wasn’t cool!”
Why would anyone want a green product when a traditional one works just fine?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Greatly minimizes exposure to harmful, caustic chemicals
  • Reduces Water & Air Pollution
  • Reduces sick days lost to illness which in turn reduces health care expenses
  • Increases worker productivity since worker no longer has to wear protective gear
  • Ensures healthier working environment for both tenant and janitorial staff
  • Concentrated products ensure less landfill waste by reducing bottles, caps, boxes, labels, etc,…
  • Concentrated products ensures less waste in respect to recycling which means less burden on our natural resources

Green products were once more expensive to purchase, today they are less expensive to purchase.

Green is here to stay! Be sure to get on the bandwagon or you may be left behind!

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