How to clean Textured Tile flooring

The Rotowash is the world’s most amazing floor cleaner machine. It scrubs, washes, dries and even polishes. One machine cleans all floor types from hard surface floors to carpets. Even cleaning escalators & travelators can be easily done. Simply Amazing!

The Rotowash automatic carpet and floor scrubbing machine effectively cleans multiple floor types including profiled, anti-slip, carpet, vinyl, slate, resin, concrete, studded rubber, flotex, ceramic tiles, tiles and grout and more, allowing you to confidently undertake any carpet or floor cleaning challenge and consistently produce the highest standards of cleanliness.

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Professional Tips & Tricks of the Carpet Cleaning Industry – MotorBrush

We have always received a lot of calls from cleaners who are looking for a universal cleaning tool that can reach small difficult areas or areas that are too small for larger cleaning equipment. The MotorBrush is a lightweight yet rugged enough cleaning tool that can take the punishment that our industry tends to put on our equipment.

I could also see this product freshening-up carpets or even buffing an ugly high-traffic carpeted area that still looks bad even after a proper steam cleaning.

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