Dry Powder Cleaning Method

Dry powder carpet cleaning utilizes a dry absorbent media impregnated with solvents, detergents and water. This material is broadcast over the surface of the carpet and brushed into the carpet pile with special equipment. Carpet soil is solubilized by the detergents and solvents then absorbed into the media. After drying, the soil laden media is vacuumed from the carpet. The carpet pile is also conditioned by the brushing action.


  • Very fast drying, carpet can be back in service quickly
  • Requires little operator skill level


  • Low level soil removal ability
  • Buildup of soil media if not thoroughly pile lifted/vacuumed out of carpet
  • Face yarn distortion can occur from dry brush action
  • High chemical cost
  • Slower production rates than all other interim carpet cleaning methods (i.e. highest labour cost)

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