Dry Foam Cleaning


Dry foam carpet cleaning is a version of the shampoo method. The term “dry” is a relative term used to describe the low amount of moisture used. Dry foam carpet cleaning utilizes special equipment equipped with a foam generator that whips the shampoo liquid into a foam before it is applied to the carpet. Most dry foam equipment utilizes cylindrical of reel type brush systems for agitation. Some dry foam equipment is also equipped with a vacuum recovery system to extract the soiled foam solution.

Dry Foam Cleaning


  • Dry foam systems utilize low amounts of moisture that results in fast drying times.
  • Minimal operator skill level is required.
  • Dry foam is an acceptable method for surface cleaning, if periodic extraction is available, in commercial maintenance programs.
  • Dry foam cleaning is capable of covering large areas in short periods of time.
  • Due to low moisture levels, problems associated with over wetting are minimized.


  • Relatively low to moderate level of soil removal.
  • Overlap areas in the cleaning process can result in streaks.
  • Little or no extraction capability can allow excessive soil and residue buildup.
  • Pile lifting and vacuuming after drying, as well as periodic hot water extraction is recommended when dry foam cleaning is used on a regular basis.

When using dry foam it is important to use a soil retardant shampoo like KK Kuik Dry Shampoo so as to leave crisp dry residues that can be removed with pile lifting and vacuuming. Waxy/sticky residues will cause accelerated re-soiling and can only be removed with hot water extraction corrective cleaning.

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