Carpet Cleaning Machines Toronto – New & Used

Learn how to start making money with the industry’s most popular hot water carpet extractor machines. Let the Ninja Classic Carpet Cleaning Machine, with it’s high quality components that are guaranteed for dependability and performance, save you time and money where it counts…on the job site. All standard units ranging from 150 psi to 500 psi, including models with heat, are CSA-US approved. Pumps available: … Continue reading Carpet Cleaning Machines Toronto – New & Used

How to remove tobacco / cannabis smoke odors

Tobacco / Cannabis Smoke Odor Removal

You should think about adding tobacco / cannabis odor removal for 2019. It is a VERY profitable service. ODORx Tabac Attack neutralizes and destroys tobacco and cannabis smoke. Works at the molecular level to neutralize and permanently deodorize materials affected by these odors. Can be used on hard or soft surfaces, as an air freshener or added to other cleaning solutions to boost odor control. … Continue reading Tobacco / Cannabis Smoke Odor Removal

How to remove marijuana smoke odors

How to Remove Marijuana Cannabis Cigarette Cigar Smoke Odors

Marijuana Legalization in Canada Is your business ready to offer a smoke odour removal service? Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, home owners, property managers, apartment complexes, auto interior detailers and others will be looking for ways to eliminate offensive smoke odors caused by cannabis. This is a great time to get up to speed with the odor removal process so your business can … Continue reading How to Remove Marijuana Cannabis Cigarette Cigar Smoke Odors

carpet floor cleaning machine

How to clean Textured Tile flooring

The Rotowash is the world’s most amazing floor cleaner machine. It scrubs, washes, dries and even polishes. One machine cleans all floor types from hard surface floors to carpets. Even cleaning escalators & travelators can be easily done. Simply Amazing! The Rotowash automatic carpet and floor scrubbing machine effectively cleans multiple floor types including profiled, anti-slip, carpet, vinyl, slate, resin, concrete, studded rubber, flotex, ceramic … Continue reading How to clean Textured Tile flooring

floor scrubbing machine rotowash

Carpet Floor Cleaning Machine

The Rotowash carpet floor cleaning machine cleans all types of carpet, floors and grout with ease! A Rotowash Professional Carpet & Floor Cleaning Machine produces a high quality rapid scrub, wash and dry on all types of hard surface floors and carpets, leaving the floors ready to walk on in minutes. Rotowash hard surface floor cleaner machines are designed and manufactured in state-of -the-art facilities … Continue reading Carpet Floor Cleaning Machine

How to remove car upholstery stains auto interior detailing machine

How to remove car stains

Automotive Car Interior Hot Water Extractor Machine – E600 A pure profit machine for the mobile auto detailing business! $$$ The E-600 is a professional automotive interior upholstery and carpet cleaner machine that gets tough spots and stains out of your customers vehicle interiors. Car detailing shops, car wash facilities, new and used car dealerships love the ease and durability of the E-600 hot water … Continue reading How to remove car stains

The Best Odour Removal Products - Vaportek

The Best Air Treatment & Odour Control Products – Vaportek

Simple Solutions for Tough Odours Vaportek proprietary technologies provide safe, effective alternatives to ozone generating equipment, gels, pressurized sprays and impregnated cake systems. Vaportek’s Odour Control Products Both membrane and disk systems rely on scientifically formulated natural aromatic oil compounds to release an odor neutralizing ‘dry vapor’ into the area. Permanent odor neutralization occurs as the essential oils react with the malodor at the molecular … Continue reading The Best Air Treatment & Odour Control Products – Vaportek