How to remove car stains

Automotive Car Interior Hot Water Extractor Machine – E600

A pure profit machine for the mobile auto detailing business! $$$

The E-600 is a professional automotive interior upholstery and carpet cleaner machine that gets tough spots and stains out of your customers vehicle interiors. Car detailing shops, car wash facilities, new and used car dealerships love the ease and durability of the E-600 hot water extractor. Cleaning floor mats, carpeted side panels and stubborn car seat stains are a breeze!How to remove car upholstery stains auto interior detailing machine

What makes the E-600 a great portable carpet cleaner and interior washer? Its deep cleaning ability is the most important consideration, but don’t forget about durability and portability. Because you will be moving the machine from job to job it should be relatively light and and made from brand name quality parts so that it can take the bumps and bruises you will undoubtedly give it over the years.

The best upholstery cleaning machine no drip hand tool

Combined with our no-drip upholstery cleaning tool with internal jet, there is no worrying about over-spraying the windows or the walls. Clean safely and comfortably with this precision Stealth Dry upholstery cleaning hand tool.

Optional 200°F Internal Heater to help release and remove stains from cloth car seats.

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The Best Air Treatment & Odour Control Products – Vaportek

Vaportek Air Treatment Technology Products

Simple Solutions for Tough Odours

Vaportek proprietary technologies provide safe, effective alternatives to ozone generating equipment, gels, pressurized sprays and impregnated cake systems.

Vaportek’s Odour Control Products
Both membrane and disk systems rely on scientifically formulated natural aromatic oil compounds to release an odor neutralizing ‘dry vapor’ into the area. Permanent odor neutralization occurs as the essential oils react with the malodor at the molecular level, quickly and simply providing safe solutions for tough odors.

The Best Odour Removal Products - Vaportek

Ideal odour removal products for property managers, contract cleaning services, day care centers, real estate property managers, disaster restoration, grease traps – drains, hospitality – guest rooms, hard surface cleaning, pet – kennels – veterinary, hospitals – long-term care, lobbies – reception areas, gyms – locker rooms, industrial – manufacturing, restaurants – bars, restrooms, sewer – septic backups, cigarette smoke, soiled linen areas, trash chutes – compactors, vehicle interiors, casinos and more!

Hotel Tobacco Smoke Odour Removal - VaportekOur guests stay for extended periods. Proper cleaning and elimination of odors are critical to our ability to rent the suite to the next guests. Cooking and tobacco smoke odours can build up over a six-month period. I tested the Restorator unit and it surpassed all my expectations. I also liked the safety of the Vaportek technology versus our ozone generating machines. Smoke odour removal became a very easy process.
P.B. Residence Inn, Massachusetts

Restroom Odour Control Vaportronic VaportekOur account had tried just about every other wall cabinet system on the market with unacceptable results. All the other gel and spray mist delivery systems could not handle the high volume of traffic in the 15-stall bathrooms. The solution to the problem was the Vaportronic wall cabinet from Vaportek. The customers liked the features sleek design, large capacity, versatile output, flexibility, cabinet security, safety, environmental friendliness, ease of use and fragrance selection.
B.G., M.D. Stetson, Massachusetts

Facility Manager Malodor Removal - VaportekAny facility manager at a hospital has an appreciation for the malodor challenges encountered in certain patient areas, such as cancer wards, dialysis rooms and geriatric floors. We have used a number of Vaportek products in different applications, and the results have been very good. We are having better success with Vaportek than any other manufacturer we’ve tried. This is because their product is a neutralizer, not a masking agent.
T.H. New Britain General Hospital, Connecticut

Smoke Odor Removal - VaportekI’ve successfully used the Vaporshark to mitigate odors from all kinds of fires. The Vaporshark never failed me. The product was so effective and a lot safer than ozone that we just stopped using ozone. When using ozone generating machines, we told customers they would have to evacuate their homes. We put up warning signs and sealed job sites. These precautions really scared customers, especially seniors. Customers became very anxious about our procedures. Using Vaportek products we didn’t have to deal with any of that. Vaportek is a better way of doing business.
Smoke odor removal became a very easy and sustainable process.
J.C. Purofirst, New Jersey

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How to remove tobacco & cannabis odors – OdorX Tabac-Attack

ODORx Tabac-Attack

Remove tobacco and cannabis odors permanently. Period.

OdorX Tabac Attack - Remove Tobacco & Cannabis OdorsHow to Solve Your Customer’s Problems with Cannabis and Tobacco Odours
Specifically formulated to neutralize the odors associated with cigarette, tobacco and cannabis smoke, Tabac-Attack works at the molecular level to neutralize and permanently deodorize materials affected by tobacco odors. Tabac-Attack can be used on hard or soft surfaces.

When sticky tobacco residues accumulate, the resulting film on interior building surfaces continually release malodors. Heavy smoking over a long period of time causes stubborn and severe smoke odors. This proven system is the key to successful tobacco odor and removal.

Watch the video below, it will remind you that smoking and growing Cannabis in Canada is a big thing and we are best to be prepared for it before our competition.

ProRestore’s proven three-step smoke odor removal system lets you tackle the toughest odor situations in homes, facilities and vehicles.

Use water-based Tabac-Attack as an additive in upholstery, carpet cleaning and hard surface cleaning solutions. Apply Tabac-Attack with carpet cleaning equipment or sprayers. You can also use Tabac-Attack to launder affected fabrics.

Be sure to check out the Unsmoke Electro-Gen Thermal Fogger for deodorizing and disinfecting cars, hotels, motels, etc,.
Electro Gen Fogging Machine


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Avoid the Mess & Cleanup When Stripping Floors – Centaur Universal SplashGuard

The SplashGuard keeps your walls and furniture spotless!


  • Fits on any floor machine
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Resistant to acid/alkaline solutions
  • Very durable – lasts 20+ Years
  1. Fits on Any Floor Machine
    Centaur’s SplashGuards are designed to easily work with any floor machine you’re using.
  2. Lasts for 20+ Years
    Centaur’s SplashGuards are made from “arena rubber” which is a very durable heavy rubber used in skating rinks for the players to walk-on. Other splash guards are fragile, made of thin plastic and with NO ridges on the bottom. The ridges on the bottom of Centaur’s SplashGuard lets the spent and fresh liquid to move freely in and out around the machine. Centaur’s SplashGuards lasts 20+ years while our other options only last a year.
  3. Different Sizes
    Centaur supplies 5 different sizes of SplashGuards including 2 sizes for a hand-held grinder. Centaur is the only manufacturer of these small sizes.
  4. Stripping & Scrubbing
    Although Centaur’s SplashGuards will be used mostly during stripping, you can also use our SplashGuards during wet scrubbing on stairway landings to prevent dirtying the balusters or spindles.
  5. Cleaning Solution Resistant
    Centaur’s SplashGuards easily withstand concentrated acid or alkaline solutions.

Click or Tap Here for more information about the Universal SplashGuard for Floor Machines and Polishing Machines

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Introduction to Wood Floor Maintenance Technician Course (WFMT)

Now is the time to boost your skill set and add a profitable income source to your business. $$$
Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

Introductory course to wood floors maintenance.

This course was developed for individuals engaging in floor maintenance. If you are currently a carpet cleaner technician, in the janitorial service industry and want to expand your knowledge and services to include wood floor maintenance, this course is beneficial for you. The WFMT course teaches basic understanding of wood science, wood floor finish types, and proper care and maintenance.


Emphasis is placed on teaching participants an overview of wood floor care that Include initial, routine, periodic and restorative processes.

Completion of this course will provide you the academic and hands on training to obtain WFMT certification. This certification will set you apart from competitors within the industry. There are currently wood flooring CCU courses available however; they do not hold the IICRC certification such as this course does.

– $650.00 for members
– $800 for non-members
IICRC Certification Course Training grants may be available from the Canadian-Ontario Job Grant or WFCA contact Sharon for information.

moreInfo Click or tap here for more information.

For registration please visit or email Sharon Fenton Tel (905) 822-2280

How to Remove Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors

Formula KK – Salt Reducer – Effectively Reduces Winter Salt Stains from Carpets and Floors

Don’t let salt dull your beautiful carpets and floors. Winter Salt Stains Remover. Formula KK is an original formula that restores beauty to floors and carpets by removing the white film left by snow and ice melting. Demineralizes salt deposits. Reduces slip hazards. Floor finishes and carpeting last longer.

How to remove winter salt stains from carpets and floors - Formula KK Salt Reducer

Directions: For salty carpets in entrance ways add 5oz. per gallon to extraction rinse water.

Optional: Pre-spray same as above if you feel necessary. Flush Flush Flush is the secret. An excellent cleaning machines for this would be the Steamin Demon.

For Salty Floors: Light film: 5oz. per gallon rinse water in mop bucket and change water frequently.
Heavy film: 6oz. per gallon rinse water in mop bucket and change water frequently. Mop on and let soak 10min. and mop up. Auto scrubbers can also be used.

The Olde World Rug Washing Company

The Olde World Rug Washing Company

Len Hume and his gracious wife Annette of Professional Carpet Systems of Niagara (PCS of Niagara), invited our industry (organized through the CFCRA Canadian Flooring Cleaning Restoration Association) to his rug cleaning plant for a tour. It was a real eye opener! You really need to see how his company professionally cleans area rugs. It puts most of our cleaning systems to shame.

The "Dirt" on Wool Rugs!
The “Dirt” on Wool Rugs Video

It was a fun and very educational day. Len operates a complete and very professional cleaning business. He even showed us a beveling and carving design method they perform to personally monogram carpets. They design and sell these creations to customers for an added profit $$$.

I generally hear that no one wants to spend high prices on carpet cleaning. General Motors still sells Cadillac’s at high prices and we can be assured that Len is a Cadillac Carpet Cleaner with more work than he can handle some days.

We all wish to thank Len, Annette and staff for going out of their way and accommodating our industry. The wine tasting tour afterwards was a great way to end the day.

Take a peek at Lens website…it includes rug cleaning videos and can be a great learning experience. Be sure to check it out here.


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