Dry Soil Removal – The Pile Lifter and Vacuum

The best preventative solution is to use walk-off mats at entrance areas. This will remove most soil from the shoes of people entering, if the mats are serviced regularly. Improvements in carpet cleaning equipment, especially with the introduction of the “Truck Mounted Super Cleaners,” has resulted in probably the most commonly overlooked fundamental of all cleaning methods today – proper pre-cleaning vacuuming. Almost 80% of … Continue reading Dry Soil Removal – The Pile Lifter and Vacuum

Fluorescent Optical Brighteners

Optical Brighteners are fluorescent dyes (chemical ingredients) that appear fluoresce blue/white under ultraviolet light and tend to make light colors appear brighter. They show up in sunlight or fluorescent lighting in particular. Be careful in using any product which contains them as a spotter. Each spot, after drying, may appear lighter than the surrounding carpet, looking like color loss. Also, various carpet manufacturers have expressed … Continue reading Fluorescent Optical Brighteners

Rotary Shampoo

Theory Rotary shampooing is one of the oldest methods of cleaning carpet on location. In recent years, it has received undue criticism from promoters of steam extraction cleaning. Rotary shampooing, when used properly is in fact a very effective system for cleaning carpet. Rotary shampooing utilizes a 175 RPM rotary floor machine equipped with a solution tank and shower feed brush. After thorough vacuuming, the … Continue reading Rotary Shampoo

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Methods

Restorative carpet cleaning methods include rotary shampoo and hot water extraction. These corrective cleaning methods are designed for handling heavy soiling conditions. They require higher operator training and skill levels as they have more potential for damage if improperly used. The Hydramaster RX-20 is a tool every cleaner should have. (machine pictured above in the middle) The amazing RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor has revolutionized the … Continue reading Restorative Carpet Cleaning Methods

Dry Powder Cleaning Method

Theory Dry powder carpet cleaning utilizes a dry absorbent media impregnated with solvents, detergents and water. This material is broadcast over the surface of the carpet and brushed into the carpet pile with special equipment. Carpet soil is solubilized by the detergents and solvents then absorbed into the media. After drying, the soil laden media is vacuumed from the carpet. The carpet pile is also … Continue reading Dry Powder Cleaning Method

Interim Carpet Cleaning Methods

Interim carpet cleaning methods include Dry Powder, Bonnet, Cotton Pads, Dry Foam methods, self contained/walk behind units. Interim cleaning systems are designed and will be most effective for frequent commercial carpet maintenance programs and lighter soiling conditions. These may be the only cleaning methods practical when the carpet cannot be taken out of service for proper drying time required by restorative cleaning methods. Interim carpet … Continue reading Interim Carpet Cleaning Methods