Learn to Restore, Repair, Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite floors

CENTAUR Floor Machines Ltd 103 Denison St Markham ON Canada L3R 1B5 tel:905-475-5640 Email: info@centaurmachines.com Invites you to learn how to Restore, Repair, Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite floors. Hands-on training for: Jan-San dealers to gain knowledge about marble & terrazzo floor maintenance (and concrete) Carpet cleaners & Janitors who wish to get more work from their customers School Custodians to learn how to eliminate … Continue reading Learn to Restore, Repair, Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite floors

Hydramaster Truckmounts

Why Hydramaster? If you’re looking for the right truckmount, there’s no better choice than HydraMaster. We got our start back in 1971 and have been perfecting our machines ever since—because a company doesn’t become a trusted leader in the industry by offering anything less than the highest performance possible. At HydraMaster, we’re so sure of our machines, we even offer the best warranty in the … Continue reading Hydramaster Truckmounts

Carpet Pile Lifters

Let’s go one step beyond vacuuming. A Carpet Pile Lifter is a piece of equipment that many carpet cleaners know nothing about. Years ago Pile Lifting was actually part & partial to the specs that were asked for in a carpet cleaning quote. If you could not provide a pile lifting service you did not get the job. The 1998 Building Service Contractors Association International … Continue reading Carpet Pile Lifters

Why Carpet Should be Cleaned Three-Dimensionally

As I travel the country speaking at seminars on facilities carpet care, I am struck by a fundamental misconception that facilities cleaning personnel have about carpet: It is perceived to be a one-dimensional floor covering. It’s not. As the illustration clearly shows, carpet is three-dimensional. It has a top, a middle and a bottom. It also is a complex textile: What you see is not … Continue reading Why Carpet Should be Cleaned Three-Dimensionally

Dry Foam Cleaning

Theory Dry foam carpet cleaning is a version of the shampoo method. The term “dry” is a relative term used to describe the low amount of moisture used. Dry foam carpet cleaning utilizes special equipment equipped with a foam generator that whips the shampoo liquid into a foam before it is applied to the carpet. Most dry foam equipment utilizes cylindrical of reel type brush … Continue reading Dry Foam Cleaning

Light Wand Techniques

General Principles There are probably as many different wand stroking techniques as there are technicians using light wands. Let’s review some general principles as well as three basic wand stroking techniques you should be familiar with. The cleaning tool should be comfortable to the operator. Adjust the handle so the operator can clean in an upright position. You won’t last long in this business if … Continue reading Light Wand Techniques