Restorative Carpet Cleaning Methods

Restorative carpet cleaning methods include rotary shampoo and hot water extraction. These corrective cleaning methods are designed for handling heavy soiling conditions. They require higher operator training and skill levels as they have more potential for damage if improperly used.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Machines RX-20 Bonnet Steam

The Hydramaster RX-20 is a tool every cleaner should have. (machine pictured above in the middle)

The amazing RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor has revolutionized the way carpets are cleaned. With 5 spray jets matched with 5 vacuum slots, the RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracting soil and cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. Save your back, clean more carpets and clean them better!

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Dry Powder Cleaning Method

Dry powder carpet cleaning utilizes a dry absorbent media impregnated with solvents, detergents and water. This material is broadcast over the surface of the carpet and brushed into the carpet pile with special equipment. Carpet soil is solubilized by the detergents and solvents then absorbed into the media. After drying, the soil laden media is vacuumed from the carpet. The carpet pile is also conditioned by the brushing action.


  • Very fast drying, carpet can be back in service quickly
  • Requires little operator skill level


  • Low level soil removal ability
  • Buildup of soil media if not thoroughly pile lifted/vacuumed out of carpet
  • Face yarn distortion can occur from dry brush action
  • High chemical cost
  • Slower production rates than all other interim carpet cleaning methods (i.e. highest labour cost)

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Interim Carpet Cleaning Methods

Interim carpet cleaning methods include Dry Powder, Bonnet, Cotton Pads, Dry Foam methods, self contained/walk behind units. Interim cleaning systems are designed and will be most effective for frequent commercial carpet maintenance programs and lighter soiling conditions.

These may be the only cleaning methods practical when the carpet cannot be taken out of service for proper drying time required by restorative cleaning methods. Interim carpet cleaning methods in conjunction with periodic corrective cleaning procedures will provide the most effective overall carpet maintenance program. Generally speaking, higher production (square feet per man hour) will be possible with interim carpet cleaning methods.

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Carpet Cleaning Machines & Methods

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