How to remove marijuana smoke odors

How to Remove Marijuana Cannabis Cigarette Cigar Smoke Odors

Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Is your business ready to offer a smoke odour removal service?

Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, home owners, property managers, apartment complexes, auto interior detailers and others will be looking for ways to eliminate offensive smoke odors caused by cannabis.

This is a great time to get up to speed with the odor removal process so your business can start making money $$$ utilizing this type of service.

Ozone Machines and Hydroxyl Generators are commonly used to remove offensive odors. Vapotek products use odour neutralizing essential oils dry vapour system designed for constant deodorization when needed to control continuous odours. This is a quieter, safer, greener (compared to ozone) and allows inhabitants to stay within the building while deodorizing.

We can teach you how to effectively remove offensive smoke odors while adding a very valuable and profitable smoke removal service to your business. Contact Us Today!

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