How to remove car upholstery stains auto interior detailing machine

How to remove car stains

Automotive Car Interior Hot Water Extractor Machine – E600

A pure profit machine for the mobile auto detailing business! $$$

The E-600 is a professional automotive interior upholstery and carpet cleaner machine that gets tough spots and stains out of your customers vehicle interiors. Car detailing shops, car wash facilities, new and used car dealerships love the ease and durability of the E-600 hot water extractor. Cleaning floor mats, carpeted side panels and stubborn car seat stains are a breeze!How to remove car upholstery stains auto interior detailing machine

What makes the E-600 a great portable carpet cleaner and interior washer? Its deep cleaning ability is the most important consideration, but don’t forget about durability and portability. Because you will be moving the machine from job to job it should be relatively light and and made from brand name quality parts so that it can take the bumps and bruises you will undoubtedly give it over the years.

The best upholstery cleaning machine no drip hand tool

Combined with our no-drip upholstery cleaning tool with internal jet, there is no worrying about over-spraying the windows or the walls. Clean safely and comfortably with this precision Stealth Dry upholstery cleaning hand tool.

Optional 200°F Internal Heater to help release and remove stains from cloth car seats.

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