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Floor Scrubbing Machine – Tomcat NanoEdge

Tomcat’s NANO EDGE® Floor Scrubbing Machine gives operators the ability to remove multiple layers of finish, without using chemicals, clean grout lines without breaking a sweat, and clean stairwells with ease, or any other small area application that walk-behind scrubbers can not access due to size.


Cleaning and Scrubbing Restroom Tile and Grout
The Tomcat EDGE® Stick Machine is the ultimate floor stripping machine. From completely stripping off floor finishes to just caked on layers of dust and dirt, this machine is very powerful.



Revolutionizing Stairwell Cleaning
The Tomcat NANO EDGE® stick machine is a game-changer when used in stairwells. With perfect size stair pads, to ease of transportation, this machine is a must have for multi-level buildings.




The Tomcat Nano Edge can even clean your bleachers
The NANO EDGE® machine can even be used on your bleachers for getting in the overhangs that are typically very hard to reach by hand.



Take me to see more information about this floor cleaning machine.

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