Big Profits are waiting…

Most customers who visit us complain how business is bad.

Let me make a suggestion.

Leather furniture is in abundance and people need it cleaned. People are willing to pay a premium for it as they know they paid a premium to buy it. So tell them that they need to protect their investment.

We offer a no-brainer leather cleaning kit that can offer you and your customers three prices.

  1. Deep-down cleaning
  2. Soil & stain protection
  3. Revitalization (you should attempt to sell all three)

So, you say that no one ever asked me to clean their leathers, and they don’t think it needs cleaning. They never will.


Better still, less than two ounces of product, a white towel, your finger and a 2-minute demo will generally blow them away.

This kit sells for less than $90.00 and is capable of cleaning 4 to 6 sofas or cars.

Have you ever thought how much money people are willing to pay for revitalizing leather?

I have been preaching for years about the high-profits and easy work it is applying Teflon and Scotchgard after cleaning and yet this product is a very slow seller. A simple demo or explanation will double your profit.

Think seriously about leather cleaning…it’s a winner!

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc.
New and Used Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Equipment


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