101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 61-70)

  1. Technical Expertise:The more technically proficient you are at what you do the more confidence you will have when it comes time to sell your services to the customer. Attend as many seminars, schools and classes that teach the proper techniques of cleaning as you possible can. There are many industry approved courses taught each year by the most able educators in the cleaning industry at many locations around the country.For more information on attending an IICUC approved school log on to www.iicrc.org
  2. Selling disaster repair services: If you offer water damage restoration or fire restoration services, some people you can contact will be:
    a. Insurance companies;
    b. Plumbers;
    c. Fire departments;
    d. Apartment owners (They always seem to have water problems);
    e. Construction contractors;
    f. Property management companies;
    g. Give a restoration brochure to all past and future carpet cleaning customers;
    h. Prominently display your disaster restoration service in your yellow page ads and mention it in all of your regular advertising materials;
    i. Real estate companies.
  3. Selling odor control services: Same methods and contacts as used for disaster repair, plus:
    a. Automobile dealers;
    b. Kennels;
    c. Motels;
    d. Pet grooming services;
    e. Restaurants;
    f. Refuse haulers;
    g. Pet shops.
  4. Fabric protector promotions: Those who buy new furniture and carpeting are more than eager to find ways to keep these furnishings looking new and lasting longer. Placing regular ads specifically devoted to this service and contacting home furnishing retailers, home decorators, etc. can bring many customers eager to have you protect their furnishings.
  5. Proposal/bid presentation: How you present your cleaning proposals and bids to the potential customer has a great deal of influence on that customer’s perception or your professionalism. Presenting a neatly typed proposal with your company letterhead in a presentation folder with your company logo will give your company a definite edge over the competition (who usually write a proposal on a crumpled work order form or even the back of a business card.
  6. Television advertising: Very few carpet cleaning companies can afford to use this method of advertising, but if you can afford local television advertising, it is a great supplement to your overall marketing program.
  7. Radio advertising: Be sure to advertise only on stations that your “target” market will be listening to if you decide to use this ad medium. Advertising on hard rock stations will likely produce no customers at all since your target customer does not listen to this type of music generally. Local soft rock, oldies and easy listening stations will produce the best results.
  8. Newspaper advertising:
    Social page (Ann Landers) has the best chance for readership by your target market;
    b. Use bold headlines to grab readers attention;
    c. Discount coupons and special offers produce the greatest immediate response;
    d. Stress benefits, services, discounts, etc. and place name and logo near the bottom of the ad. If they want what you have to offer, they will find your name. First you have to get their attention.
  9. Gifts for outstanding customers: Show those customers who support your company in an outstanding way i.e. large commercial accounts, real estate agents who loyally use your company, that special customer who sends as many friends and neighbors your way as she can (bless her heart), that you appreciate their support and loyalty by sending him/her a useful gift sometime during the year. This will keep them on your side and will keep them loyal to your company.
  10. Diversification: Diversifying into cleaning related areas can help keep your company busy during times when your primary service is in a slow period. Diversifying into too many areas too soon can have a negative impact on your primary (biggest money making) service due to shifts in advertising budget restraints, etc. and being understaffed to handle the demand for the diversified service can also have a negative impact on your company and defeat the purpose of the diversification. So when diversifying into other areas, proceed cautiously.

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2 thoughts on “101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 61-70)

  1. I have seen just as many carpet cleaners fail who have attended many technical courses as those who have not. I have also seen many carpet cleaners who don’t know what end of the wand to use but have the gift-of-gab and do extremely well financially.

    This tells me that our industry needs proper schooling badly and courses on the sociology of carpet cleaning. (In simple terms) how to get into a customers head and make them want to deal with you.

    Carpet cleaning social graces is something that our industry needs now more than ever before. Look to Kleen Kuip Supply Mart in the future to provide this type of service(s) to our customers.

    Work Smarter Not Harder.

    I have heard it said before, the guy who can step on your shoes without removing the polish is out in front and ahead of the pack.


  2. As a fellow carpet cleaner from across the pond i have found your blog very useful. There are some great tips and advice. I will be back for more. I have just done a hardfloor course to add to my business..


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