Restoration Strategy and Marketing for Domination

Restoration Strategy and Marketing for Domination
A two-day workshop specifically for restoration contractors brought to you by Totally Booked UNIVERSITY
Chicago – Thursday and Friday – May 31 and June 1

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Hurricane season officially begins on June 1. Will you be ready? Not just with equipment and personnel, but with the insurance companies?
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Peter Crosa, an independent adjuster and one of the presenters at this event, was quoted as saying:

“Outside of a cool bottle of purified water and a Red Cross truck, the most comforting sight to a storm devastated neighborhood is a claims adjuster. The most comforting sight to a claims adjuster is a competent restoration contractor that he knows.”

The question is… how do you get to be known by claims adjusters? That’s just one of the main challenges we will solve at this 2-day restoration workshop.

This restoration marketing workshop is for the serious, aggressive and forward-thinking entrepreneur who really wants to build a better disaster restoration business.

Topics include social media marketing, Internet marketing, critical issues in restoration, insurance claims, dealing and negotiating with adjusters, assignment of benefits and much more.

If you are ready to take your disaster restoration business to the next level, sign up today.

Here is your TBU instruction team:

From left to right: Jeff Cross, senior editor of Cleanfax magazine (Internet Marketing); Peter Crosa, AIC, RPA (Marketing and Selling to Adjusters); Pete Consigli, CR, WLS and Industry Advisor (Facilitator); Harvey Cohen, Attorney (Risk Management and Insurance)

Where: Jon-Don in Chicago
When: Thursday-Friday, May 31/June 1, 2012
Cost: $695 per person/$595 each additional/same company

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Some of the topics to be covered at this marketing workshop:

 If you want to know your legal rights as a restoration contractor and learn how you can earn more money and collect what’s owed to you from insurance companies, this is the event for you. Plus, you’ll get live Q&A time with Harvey Cohen, an attorney who specializes in insurance claims.

If you want to know how insurance adjusters think and how they differentiate the restoration contractors they prefer to do business with, this event is for you. Plus, you’ll get live Q&A time with Peter Crosa, a nationally-known insurance claims marketing expert.

If you want to know how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter) and optimize your website to come up on top of the search engines, and maximize your online exposure, avoiding expensive Yellow Page and pay-per-click fees, this event is for you.

Class size is limited, so sign up soon and reserve your seat.

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Dirty Mop & Bucket – Double Bucket Mop System

Here we are in North America the land of knowledge and generally the most educated on earth. We put men on the moon and invent unbelievable gadgets. But the way we mostly clean a floor is in the most infectious manor. We use an infectious looking mop with a dirty pail & dirty water that very seldom gets changed and we buy the least expensive soap and keep dipping the mop into dirtier rinse water time after time.

The Europeans invented (although not 100% perfect) but much superior and healthier approach to washing floors, walls, stalls etc,.

” I wish I had thought of that ” – Albert Einstein

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc.
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