101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 51-60)

  1. Sales to apartment owners/managers: Again a constant source of jobs. All of the methods listed above can be used to sell your services to these accounts as well as advertisements in the local apartment owner’s organization magazine. Most apartment owners subscribe to these magazines and you can obtain information on who to contact to advertise in the magazine by simply asking one of the local apartment owners/managers how to contact them. You may even pick up a new account.
  2. Sales to commercial business facilities : Commercial cleaning work can be a continuous source of business since these facilities usually have their furnishings cleaned on a regular basis due to heavy traffic use. Some ways to sell your services to commercial/business facilities:
    a. “Sales letters;”
    b. “Direct mailings (brochures);”
    c.“Personal visits to ask for opportunity to provide an inspection;”
    d.“Demonstrations of equipment and cleaning capabilities;”
    f.“Provide three different cleaning options for best results.
  3. Sales from employees of your commercial accounts: Acquiring a commercial cleaning account presents the opportunity for sales of residential cleaning to the owner of the business as well as all employees working there. Present each employee with a discount cleaning coupon or provide each employee with a business card”.
  4. Government contracts: If you are willing to reduce your normal cleaning prices for the (usually) large volume of business that government contracts sometimes provide, you may want to look into contracting these government accounts.
  5. Person-to-person sales: There is no more effective way to sell your services than face to face with a potential client. Set aside a specific time each week to sell person to person, especially commercial work, and you reap the long and short term benefits.
  6. Referral from carpet retailers.
  7. Reference from beauty salons: Every one of your potential customers visit them on a very regular basis. What better place to get your name out.
    a. Provide salon owners with a large stack of brochures each month and ask that one be given to each customer;
    b. Offer to provide free carpet cleaning in her salon for this privilege;
    c. Inform the salon owner to write her name on each brochure and that you will pay her a commission of $5.00 (example) for every brochure that she hands out to her customers that results in a job booking for you.
    d. Be completely hones in paying commissions or suffer the consequences!
  8. Club/organization bulletin advertising: Advertising in social and civic club newsletters and online bulletin boards and discussion forums are a very good way to reach your “target” market. For best results the more affluent the members of the club/organization, the more eager you should be to advertise with them. These people are willing to pay top dollar for a quality cleaning service and are very likely to do business with people who “do business with them”.
  9. Magazines: Advertising in a local home improvement or home decorating magazine or website will bring in the more affluent customers who are willing to pay a fair price for a quality cleaning service.
  10. Sports teams: Sponsoring a local little league baseball team or a softball team, etc. is a great way to get your name in front of a large number of people for only the cost of a small sponsorship fee.

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