101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 21-30)

  1. Weekly meetings: Helps keep you and your employees focused on what is being done properly and what is not and provides an opportunity to boost morale, give suggestions on how to increase sales, etc.
  2. Employee training: Proper employee training in the following areas will increase customer satisfaction and total receipts per job while decreasing customer complaints and dissatisfaction.
    a: Technical training;
    b. Add-on sales training;
    c. Customer relations training (proper etiquette);
    d. Proper complaint procedures training;
    e. Equipment maintenance training;
    f. Training on how to qualify the job (pointing out carpet flaws, problem areas, permanent stains, etc.);
    g. How to assure repeat and referral customers.
  3. Customer complaints: All employees as well as owners and managers should be properly trained in handling customer complaints. Properly handled, a customer complaint can result in a loyal, lifelong customer.
  4. Package selling. This is simply providing your customer with two or more choices of levels of cleaning rather than just one “take it or leave it” option.
  5. Welcome Wagon/Getting-To-Know-You programs: These programs are designed to make that all important first contact with newcomers to the area. They provide literature to these newcomers on a variety of businesses in your community and provide you with the opportunity to be the first carpet cleaning company these people have access to.
  6. Home shows and exhibits:
    a: Allows you to present your company to a large number of people;
    b. Allows you the opportunity to pass out company literature, discount coupons and special promotion flyers to many potential customers;
    c. Cost us usually very reasonable compared to the number of job leads that can be obtained.
  7. Alternative cleaning methods: Providing methods of cleaning, other than your primary cleaning method, allows you to be more versatile and cater to the fears that some people have about certain cleaning methods. This allows you to reduce lost job bookings due to the fact that a potential client is leery of your primary method of carpet cleaning. It happens!!
  8. Hiring proper employees: Employees are the backbone of any business and can be an asset or liability to your company. Make sure you hire the right person to fill your particular needs by using sound hiring practices. The very best information on hiring employees for a carpet cleaning service can be found in David Lowry’s manual titled, “Carpet Cleaners’ manual of Hiring, Training, & Supervision”.
  9. Telemarketing: Although many people consider this form of advertising a nuisance, with the proper phone person and a proper sales script, telemarketing can be a very effective and cost efficient way to advertise.
  10. Specialty advertising: Simply providing past and potential customers with something of use that will keep your company’s name on his/her mind and in his/her sight in a constant and systematic way by placing your company’s name, logo and phone number on the product. There are many useful products that can be used for specialty advertising, such as: Coffee mugs; Pot Holders; Pens; Desk calendars; Key Chains; Tote Bags. And many other items too numerous to mention here.
    Remember, your name, phone number and logo should be used on any and all specialty advertising items that you use.

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How do YOU clean baseboards?

Rabbit-3 two speed (200-300rpm) multi-tasking floor Machine

The benefits are:
  • Spray buff vinyl floors
  • Cleans Carpet
  • Cleans Grout
  • Handle is removable so it will fit into a small car
  • It has a built-in Splash guard
  • With an extra 40lb weight it will strip floors third of the time
  • With extra 2 x 40lb weights strip the floors in half the time

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Carpets make a comeback

Take that hardwood: Carpets make rooms feel warmer and reduce noise, say designers…Go for rich colours, bold patterns and luxurious textures.

After years of being ripped out and kicked to the curb, carpet is making a comeback. And not just the neutral-toned carpets of recent years, but ones that are boldly coloured or patterned.

The softer, cozier feel of wall-to-wall carpet is appealing to homeowners used to treading on tile and wood, said Emily Morrow, director of colour, style and designs for Shaw Floors, a company in Dalton, GA., that specializes in carpet, laminate, tile and hardwood flooring.

“They’ve experienced those hard surfaces, and they want to surround themselves with the comfort of carpet,” she said. While hardwood or tile can be great for entryways or other high-traffic areas, some rooms – bedrooms, play rooms, studies and family rooms – cry out for carpeting, said Eric Ross, an interior designer in Franklin, Tenn. “Carpet is really trending up,” he said. “You’re going to see more and more of it.”

Manufacturers have responded by creating carpets with rich colours, patterns and textures designed to be a focal point, rather than just a neutral backdrop. The new choices are available at a variety of price points. “It has gotten exciting again” after years of playing it safe, Morrow said. Clients are using carpet to make a statement, agreed Linda Merrill, an interior designer in Duxbury, Mass. “If carpet is the right choice for a specific space, they feel freer to pick something a little more exciting.” she said. “There are a lot of different colours and different options.”

Some of the over-the-top ideas from television shows also have freed people to experiment more with decorating, she said. And the pervasiveness of patterns and bright colours in housewares and home furnishings in recent years has made people more open to colour. “We see so much pattern in so many things.” she says. “We’re just bombarded with it.”

Those who are hesitant to choose a patterned carpet often create an impact with a textured 0ne, said Jennifer Bardsley, an interior designer in Hingham, Mass. Those carpets created by using yarns of different lengths or densities, can spice up a space and add more interest to a room. With the slumping real estate market, homeowners are indulging their personal tastes and worrying less about how their choices will affect the resale value of their home.

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