101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 11-20)

  1. Tracking calls: Never give up on an estimate or proposal that you’ve given without calling the customer back and asking for the job again or asking why she did not use your company. You will book many jobs that you wouldn’t have otherwise and will find out valuable information from those who don’t use your services about what you’re doing wrong.
  2. Community involvement: Gets your name out and introduces you to potentially valuable customers while allowing you to give something back to your community.
    a: Social clubs
    b. Civic clubs
    c. Church or synagogue
    d. Charitable organizations
    e. School involvement
    f. Athletic team sponsorship/participation
  3. Arrangements with dry cleaners: Provide your local dry cleaner with a stack of brochures and ask for referrals either by offering a commission-job booked as a result of his efforts or by reciprocating by referring his business to your customers.
  4. Door-to-door solicitation.
  5. Company logos and slogans: A professionally designed logo and well thought out slogan will set your company apart from the competition and greatly enhance recognition of your company.
  6. Proper inspection procedures: Customer confidence is greatly increased when you use proper procedures to inspect her furnishings by showing that you are a professional and know what you’re doing. Proper inspection procedures and qualifying the customer before beginning a job will also provide you with the information necessary to properly maintain her furnishings resulting in fewer customer complaints.
  7. Company policies/employee manuals: These crucial marketing tools will tell your employees exactly what you expect of them and how you expect your customers to be treated as well as the level of quality you expect in their work.
  8. Target marketing: Marketing to a certain “segment of society.”
    a. Helps you develop advertising that brings in the customers you want to do business with.
    b. Allows you to charge a fair price for your services by drawing in customers that are willing and able to pay a fair price for your services.
    c. Allows you to market your services to those who are the most likely to use them.
  9. Niche marketing: Concentrating promotional efforts toward one certain product or service that you offer.
    a. Allows you to concentrate more of your advertising dollars toward a particular service
    b. Allows you to become more proficient in that area to the point of specialization
  10. Tracking the competition: Knowing what the competition is doing will allow you to keep your prices competitive and to implement or diversify into areas or services that may be in demand but do not have a high level of competition.

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