Learn to Restore, Repair, Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite floors (Friday August 12th 2011)

CENTAUR Floor Machines Ltd
103 Denison St Markham ON Canada L3R 1B5
Email: info@centaurmachines.com

Invites you to learn how to Restore, Repair, Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite floors.
Hands-on training for:

Jan-San dealers to gain knowledge about marble & terrazzo floor maintenance (and concrete)
Carpet cleaners & Janitors who wish to get more work from their customers
School Custodians to learn how to eliminate altogether the use of wax-and-strip on terrazzo floors

Date: Friday August 12th 2011

The course will be held in our factory at 103 Denison St. Markham, ON, Canada  (This is our 9th teaching year)
Training will start at 8:30 am sharp and finish around 5:00 pm
Free lunch will be provided

During this powerful training seminar we’ll teach you very practical skills:

  • Learn how to identify the marble, granite, travertine, limestone and terrazzo (during the morning theory session)
  • Learn how to restore worn, scratched dull floors (during the afternoon hands-on training)
  • Learn how to maintain these floors with hard diamonds & with the new Astro Pads Technology
  • Learn how to enhance stone’s colour and seal the surface
  • Learn how to restore marble counter top and vanity top
  • Learn what type of diamonds to use and in what sequence to achieve your goal
  • Learn how to save money to maintain terrazzo floors using the new technology – the Astro pads
  • Learn how to clean square and how to clean and hone curved terrazzo floor baseboards with the Scrub Jay (This will be a great learning experience for school and hospital custodians)

You’ll take home a comprehensive manual for future use and a Certificate as a “Marble, Terrazzo Restorer”

You’ll have the opportunity of working with the machines, the diamonds and ASTRO pads – a true hands-on experience that will give you a feel for operating them and observing their productivity.
Bring your camera with you.
We start with 3 hours academic study then continue with hands-on training. Be prepared to “get dirty”
Maximum number of participant is 10 people
The cost of the seminar is $500 per person. (plus taxes).
To secure your seat send us $100.00 deposit. You may cancel and have your money refund or deferred, if you do it no less than 10 business days before seminar date. We accept cheques or credit cards.

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Antony Lelkes
Centaur Floor Machines Ltd
103 Denison St Markham ON Canada L3R 1B5
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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc.
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101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 11-20)

  1. Tracking calls: Never give up on an estimate or proposal that you’ve given without calling the customer back and asking for the job again or asking why she did not use your company. You will book many jobs that you wouldn’t have otherwise and will find out valuable information from those who don’t use your services about what you’re doing wrong.
  2. Community involvement: Gets your name out and introduces you to potentially valuable customers while allowing you to give something back to your community.
    a: Social clubs
    b. Civic clubs
    c. Church or synagogue
    d. Charitable organizations
    e. School involvement
    f. Athletic team sponsorship/participation
  3. Arrangements with dry cleaners: Provide your local dry cleaner with a stack of brochures and ask for referrals either by offering a commission-job booked as a result of his efforts or by reciprocating by referring his business to your customers.
  4. Door-to-door solicitation.
  5. Company logos and slogans: A professionally designed logo and well thought out slogan will set your company apart from the competition and greatly enhance recognition of your company.
  6. Proper inspection procedures: Customer confidence is greatly increased when you use proper procedures to inspect her furnishings by showing that you are a professional and know what you’re doing. Proper inspection procedures and qualifying the customer before beginning a job will also provide you with the information necessary to properly maintain her furnishings resulting in fewer customer complaints.
  7. Company policies/employee manuals: These crucial marketing tools will tell your employees exactly what you expect of them and how you expect your customers to be treated as well as the level of quality you expect in their work.
  8. Target marketing: Marketing to a certain “segment of society.”
    a. Helps you develop advertising that brings in the customers you want to do business with.
    b. Allows you to charge a fair price for your services by drawing in customers that are willing and able to pay a fair price for your services.
    c. Allows you to market your services to those who are the most likely to use them.
  9. Niche marketing: Concentrating promotional efforts toward one certain product or service that you offer.
    a. Allows you to concentrate more of your advertising dollars toward a particular service
    b. Allows you to become more proficient in that area to the point of specialization
  10. Tracking the competition: Knowing what the competition is doing will allow you to keep your prices competitive and to implement or diversify into areas or services that may be in demand but do not have a high level of competition.

Tips 1-10Tips 11-20Tips 21-30Tips 31-40 – Tips 41-50Tips 51-60Tips 61-70Tips 71-80Tips 81-90Tips 91-101

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc.
New and Used Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Equipment

101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 1-10)

101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service is intended to be used as a guide to help in your efforts to establish a comprehensive and coordinated marketing plan for your specific business and has been directed toward specifically promoting carpet cleaning and related services. This “guide” provides over 100 ways and means to help you select the proper components that you wish to use to promote your services to the specific “target” customer market that you have chosen to gear your marketing program toward.

Without a comprehensive and coordinated marketing plan, which must be updated and revised from time to time as you determine what is working the best for your company and what is not working well for you, all of your advertising will be “hit and miss” and will not provide the desired results for your advertising dollars. And until you determine who your “target” market or customer is (that specific segment or segments of the market that you have determined to be the most loyal, in need of  your services and be willing and able to fairly compensate you for your services as well as provide a steady, on-going customer base) you cannot develop a truly successful marketing plan for your company. You must first determine who your target market is and then devise a marketing plan that will consistently draw in that target market.

This guide simply lists and briefly explains a great many components of an overall marketing program that have been used by carpet cleaning services all over the world to acquire their “fair share” of the carpet cleaning market in the most competitive industry around. I sincerely hope that it will help you to gain the advantage over your competitors and acquire your “fair share” as well.

Tips #1 thru #10

  1. Telephone: First impressions are very important. Proper telephone etiquette and procedures are a must for maximizing job bookings. Prepare and practice sales scripts and introductory scripts and keep these scripts by the phone for quick reference.
  2. Image: The image you project to your customers will determine their confidence in you and your services. To increase your image as a professional in your customer’s eyes:
    a. Be neat and well groomed;
    b. Use professionally designed and printed work order / estimate forms and sales aids;
    c. Company vehicle should be clean, rust/dent free and should be professionally lettered;
    d. Present proposals with confidence and show that you are knowledgeable in your field, etc.
  3. Reliability: Do what you say you will do, when you say you’ll do it (i.e. show up on time for appointments, call back at time stated, etc.).
  4. Professionalism: Think of yourself as a professional and provide professional, quality work.
  5. Consumer education: Educate the consumer to the importance of having his/her furnishings professionally maintained on a regular basis and why he/she should choose your company to maintain his/her furnishings.
  6. Add-on sales: Unless you are going to clean all the furnishings in the customer’s home and apply protection treatments, deodorizers and disinfectants to it all, you have the opportunity to sell additional services to the customer, but you must ask for the additional sales, prepare a sales script for all add-on services you provide and practice them until you are comfortable using them.
    a. Protectors
    b. Deodorizers
    c. Disinfectants
    d. Anti-static treatments
    e. Additional rooms of carpeting
    f. Upholstery cleaning
    g. Drapery cleaning
    h. Scotchgard Fabric Protector
    i. Wall cleaning
    j. Ceiling cleaning
    k. Hard-Surface floor cleaning
    l. Tile & Grout cleaning
    m. Window cleaning
    n. Carpet rakes
    o. Spot removers
    p. Resale deodorizers
    q. Residential contracts
  7. Something for nothing: Clean a throw rug or area rug (of your choice) and write no charge on the bill. A great way to build customer goodwill.
  8. Sales through accessibility can be gained by:
    a. Having an “800” number to save customers a toll call;
    b. Accepting major credit cards;
    c. Having a secretary answer the phone rather than an answering machine;
    d. Offering weekend and evening working hours;
    e. Operating from an office with easy accessibility rather than from home;
    f. Using a cellular phone in vehicle to answer calls personally;
    g. Offering easy payment plans for larger jobs (Obtain all necessary signatures and specify date balance is due).
  9. Personal thank you’s: Show the customer that you appreciate his/her business. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s very effective.
  10. Follow-up calls: Call each customer the day after the cleaning job and ask her if she is satisfied with your service. If she is satisfied she will realize that you care about keeping her business. If she is dissatisfied with the service, this will give you the opportunity to correct any problems before she has a chance to spread the word about her dissatisfaction to her friends and neighbors. Handled properly, customer complaints can lead to lifelong loyal customers.

Tips 1-10Tips 11-20Tips 21-30Tips 31-40 – Tips 41-50Tips 51-60Tips 61-70Tips 71-80Tips 81-90Tips 91-101

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