Get ahead of your competition!

Many carpet cleaners when challenged with a paint stain on carpet use incorrect removal products and make the stain worse or unable to remove or mess things up really badly.

Paint spills can be oil or water (latex) based. You should know which type of paint before attempting removal.

Technology has now made it very easy. Yes, The Paint Detective is a cloth available in Canada at Home Hardware and manufactured in the States by P.P.I. Pace Tucker in GA. 1-800-884-6073 this cloth will distinguish the difference between oil and latex paint. These swabs have acetone in them and they have no affect on oil based paints, but do remove latex. If the paint stain is stripped, it is Latex paint. If it just cleans or polishes the surface, it is Oil/Alkyd paint.

Now that you are educated on the technology you will need an effective choice of products. Kleen Kuip suggests Motsenbocker’s Lift Off # 4 for oil and Motsenbocker’s Lift Off # 5 for latex paint stains. Clap

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