Cleaning Olefin Carpet

Everyone always seems to have the answer we are all looking for until you ask them to prove it. At that point it is usually just hot-air.

Olefin seems to show up more frequently than not these days. The high humidity of the summer months can resurface more soil and spots than I would normally see. Everyone seems to have the answer, technique or chemical to solve all. Yet, my telephone rings all day from customers who feel they are doing the proper cleaning job yet run into disasters after the carpet dries.

I would be happy to hear from the guys in the trenches and how each one deals with this wicking issue?

7 issues that you may encounter with Olefin carpet.

  1. It is found that often Olefin is in a glue-down situation, which in turn creates a larger potential to brown from soil wicking from the base of the yarns due to incomplete soil removal. The likelihood of this happening is increased by the occurrence of over wetting or slow drying.
  2. Olefin is extremely difficult to dye because of its low absorbency rate, so it is pretty much almost always solution dyed.
  3. As with polyester, when olefin is exposed on a longer basis to oil-based soils it may become difficult to remove the soil from it. This results in traffic lanes that will turn dark quickly.
  4. Because it is an extremely heat sensitive fiber, it’s melting point is around 300 degrees buy in fact it can occur at lower temperatures. In fact, even the friction caused by sliding a piece of furniture across the carpet can burn it leaving a permanent mark. If you buy Olefin use caution when moving furniture and always pick up furniture instead of sliding it.
  5. It is not a resilient fibers, and when crushed it does not regain its original shape easily. This means that it is not as resistant to wear as other materials. Olefin after a few years is often very matted and the traffic lanes flatten out and become quite apparent.
  6. Because olefin fibers love oil, if oil is tracked onto an olefin carpet from the garage, street or anyplace that has high oil content, then there is a tough job to contend with. That is why Olefin is not a good choice near floors with high oil content. It loves oil, but resists water.
  7. The average life cycle for an olefin is only three years.

There are many things to consider with these Olefin carpet problems, but hopefully they have given plenty of food for thought as to whether Olefin is the right carpet fiber to go for for your home. It’s important that plenty of thought is invested before purchasing an olefin carpet.

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