Fluorescent Optical Brighteners

Optical Brighteners are fluorescent dyes (chemical ingredients) that appear fluoresce blue/white under ultraviolet light and tend to make light colors appear brighter. They show up in sunlight or fluorescent lighting in particular. Be careful in using any product which contains them as a spotter. Each spot, after drying, may appear lighter than the surrounding carpet, looking like color loss. Also, various carpet manufacturers have expressed serious concern about yellowing of optical brighteners over time. Kleen Kuip does not use optical brighteners in any of our solutions.

Brighteners are commonly added to laundry detergents to replace whitening agents removed during washing and to make the clothes appear cleaner. Optical brighteners have replaced bluing which was formerly used to produce the same effect. Some brighteners can cause allergic reactions when in contact with skin, depending on the individual.

Laundry detergent glow under UV light

A laundry detergent glow under Ultraviolet Light (UV) light.

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